Teja Bell is a guitarist and producer who composes, performs, and records a dynamic blend of acoustic and electronic music. His distinctive style covers a wide variety of influences, including classical, jazz, and rock.  Teja has been on the leading edge of New Music composition, performance, and recording technologies, with a great variety of albums and recording projects to his credit. PETALS, SUMMER SUITE, and STELLAR VOYAGE (with Dallas Smith) are some of the earlier recordings he released on Rising Sun Records, distributed internationally by MCA and CBS/Sony.

His album DOLPHIN SMILES (a collaboration with Steven Kindler) on Global Pacific/CBS charted in both R & R and Billboard International for over 40 consecutive weeks and was listed in Billboards year end "NO. 1 AWARDS" issue as #3 on the "Top Ten Contemporary Jazz Albums" chart.  He was also placed among the "Top Ten Contemporary Jazz Artists" of the year in the same Billboard issue. When the New Age chart was compiled by Billboard magazine,DOLPHIN SMILES debuted at #5 and it remained on the Billboard charts for over 35 weeks.  DOLPHIN SMILES was also #1 New Age Album of the Year in Japan, according to Japan’s Musician Magazine. Additionally, Teja has a critically acclaimed release on Music West Records entitled THE NEW SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS, which appeared on the Billboard "New Age" chart.  Released in 1997 on the Impressions label were STARRY NIGHT, a steel-string solo guitar recording of original compositions; a duet guitar recording, AUTUMN LEAVES, with Alex de Grassi (also featuring Paul McCandless on oboe and English horn); and TWILIGHT, a jazz trio recording.

Teja had the honor to play with jazz great Ahmad Jamal as a featured soloist, and toured with his group in 1985.  In recent years, he has performing nationally and internationally with Suzanne Ciani and the Wave, The Kate Price Ensemble, the Spencer Brewer Quartet, and Pack of Wolves, as well as solo concerts of classical, contemporary, and original music.

Teja owns and operates SAMURAI SOUND, an audiophile recording facility that uses the latest computer technology for digital audio recording, editing, video production/editing and DVD authoring. Along with producing albums and soundtracks as artist/producer, Teja is a Zen priest and Buddhist teacher, a lifelong disciplined martial artist and teacher with black belts in Aikido and Tae Kwon Do karate, and a teacher of Chinese internal arts, qigong and meditation.

Teja Bell Discography 1996-present
The artists and CD titles below represent many areas of involvement, including  performance, production, engineering, editing, arrangement, composition and mastering at Teja’s Samurai Sound recording studio.

Kate Price, Isle of Dreaming (Billboard #11)
mBira /Zimbabwean Music,  Erica Azim
Jade Steel, Jungle Dancin’
Rahsul, Culture Man
Jazayer remaster: 4 Volumes of Dance Rhythms 2005
Matt Eakle, The Headwaters Project
Suzanne Ciani, Silver Ship
Suzanne Ciani, Pure Romance
Suzanne Ciani, Pianissimo III
Suzanne Ciani, Meditations
Suzanne Ciani, Turning (Grammy Nominated 2000)
Suzanne Ciani, Live Album 97’
Suzanne Ciani, History of my Heart
Mimi Spencer, Right Where I Want To Be
Mimi Spencer, (Remaster of educational recordings)
D’Agostino & Tanenbaum, Classic/Steel
Double Gammon, Bridge The Distance
Artists for Earth, A Very Green Christmas
Dennis Schaecher, The Road to Reunion
Kate Price, Deep Heart’s Core
Tadamitsu Saito, It’s About Time
Tadamitsu Saito, A Perfect Match
Tadamitsu Saito, Coming Together
Tadamitsu Saito, Live Concert SD4
Rick Heizman, Hard to Reach Places
Robert Hall/Teja Bell, What a Mystery
Jennifer Taylor, Missing You
Andrew York, Denouement
Christina Azuma, Contatos
Dusan Bogdanovic, Mysterious Habitats
Dusan Bogdanovic, Unconscious in Brazil
Gino D’Auri, Flamenco Mystico
G. Kelly & Dusan Bogdanovic,  Journey Home
Georgia Kelly,  Perennials
Paulo Bellinati, Serenata
Larry Ferrara, SRS volume #1
Larry Ferrara, SRS volume #2
Jim Nichols, Jazz & Country
Jackie King, Moon Songs
Kirk Casey, Lazy River
John Stowell, Lines & Spaces
Jennifer Taylor, Missing You
Americana Series:
1) Desert Aire
2) Ocean Aire
3) Mountain Aire
4) Appalachian Aire
5) Heartland Aire
6) Collection
Impressions Series:
1 Autumn Leaves
2) Starry Night
3) Enchanted Garden
4) Twilight
5) Enchanted Garden
6) Evening Rain
7) Summer Nights
8) Tropical Paradise
9) Mountain Moods
Vince Delgado, Dangerous Rhythms
Vince Delgado, Improvisations
Vince Delgado, Remaster 3 instructional Music CDs 2005
Vince Delgado & Jazayer, Remembrances
Vince Delgado & Jazayer, Enchanted Journey (2003)
Vince Delgado & Ismael Gateways
Mickey Hart & Jazayer Jazayer
Marcia Miget Discovery
Jim Chappell Azure Blue
Jim Chappell Mix and Master 2005
Jim Chappell, Living the Northern Summer
Celeste Howard, The Gateway
The Sky Band, The Sky Band
Ellen Stapenhorst, John Denver Tribute
Forward Kwenda Svikiro
Forward Kwenda Lullaby
mBira/Healing Music Erica Azim
Russ Bard Zen Crackers
Steve Wolf Blue Reflectors
Blue (Apache Song Keeper), Indigo Soulstice
Blue (Apache Song Keeper), Indigo Soulstice 2 (in process in another studio)
Dwain Briggs, Echoes of a Modern God
Ray Lynch,  The Best of Ray Lynch
Aria Aria I
Aria Aria II
Teja Bell & Various Artists, Cheery
Katie & Liz Anam
Mark Protus, The Future That Was
Robin Feld, We Believe in You
Timothy James, HiFidelic
Marshall Rosenberg, Compassion
Richard Moon, (complete remaster of 4 CDs)
Film and Video - Soundtrack
Firelight Pictures / Aikido instructional/multiple volumes
(Composed original theme and cues for entire series) 

The Sword of Aikido with Mitsugi Saotome
(Composed original theme music and all cues)

The Two Swords of Aikido with Mitsugi Saotome
(Composed original theme music and all cues)

The Principles of Aikido with Mitsugi Saotome
(Composed original theme music and all cues)

Aikido San Diego Expo
(Composed original theme music and all cues)

Cellular Echoes 2004 (birthing wisdom of indigenous cultures)
(Composed original theme music and all cues)

Energy Arts with Bruce Frantzis
(Composed original theme music and all cues for multiple media offerings)

The Joy of Teaching Children Aikido with Michael Friedl
(Composed original theme music and all cues) )

The Art of Ukemi with Bruce Bookman
(Composed original theme music and all cues)

Aikido in Three Easy Lessons DVD 2003 with Richard Moon
(Composed original theme music and all cues)

Mastery Course (Jo-Kata) Rancho Strozzi Institute
(Composed original theme music and all cues)

The Legacy of Mother Teresa Suzanne Ciani
(Production/editing/Mastering -  some composition) 

Choice Radio.Com  
(Theme development, original music & Sound Design) 

Lode Runner/Presage Software (Daniel Ryman Engineer)
(Full Audio/Studio produced, engineered, sound design, sampling, mastered) (new version) 

Lode Runner 1.5/Presage Software
(Full Audio/Studio produced, engineered, sound design, sampling, mastered)

I Can Draw Africa / Presage Software
(true 16 bit Audio/Studio produced, engineered, sound design, sampling, mastered)

Natura Poetica / Suzanne Ciani (Full Audio/Video remaster and DVD design – Teja Bell)

Wes Nisker/ “Crazy Wisdom Saves the World Again”
(Full Audio/Video production, including filming, engineering, sound design, editing, and DVD authoring – Teja Bell)

The Foundation for Critical Thinking / Multiple DVDs
(Full Audio/Video production, including filming (both Studio and Field Recording, engineering, sound design, A/V editing, and DVD authoring – Teja Bell)